Johnson Controls Series II – Micro Drives

Product Range

¼–1½ hp @ 115V AC
¼–15 hp @ 230V

½–25 hp @ 480V
1–7.5 hp @ 575V
The Johnson Controls Series II Micro Drives represent the next generation of products engineered to solve your specific HVAC requirements. With a compact design, impressive torque response and easy setup, the JC-VSD Series II micro drive offers increased efficiency and longer product life. With both single and three-phase input devices, these easy-to-use microprocessor-based drives incorporate standard features that provide quiet operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth low speed performance in any HVAC application.
Johnson Controls Series II - Micro Drives

Features and Benefits

  • Temp controlled fan
  • 50˚C (122˚F) ambient rating
  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards
  • High overload rating
  • Digital display interface with diagnostics
  • On-board macros
  • PC Software
  • Local/Remote button
  • Extend the life of the unit
  • Improved reliability
  • Corrosion resistant circuit boards
  • Fully programmable protections
  • Displays both fault and alarm status
  • Macros set default values based on the application
  • Real time monitor VSD motor data/compare parameter sets
  • Toggle operation between the keypad, I/O terminals, and fieldbus

Johnson Controls Series II Micro Drives Product Bulletin

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