Johnson Controls WT-4000


The WT-4000 Series Pneumatic-to-Direct Digital Control (DDC) Room Thermostats provide reliable zone comfort and enhanced energy economy via remote monitoring and temperature setpoint management. This arrangement provides greater energy policy compliance, and facilitates trending of floor space usage in commercial, industrial, and municipal HVAC environments.

The WT-4000 Series Room Thermostats are ideally suited for energy-saving, pneumatic-to-DDC building upgrades. Designed for non-invasive replacement of existing manual pneumatic thermostats, the WT-4000 Series Room Thermostats provide a number of DDC features, including remote wireless setpoint control and occupancy scheduling, and continuous room temperature, branch line pressure, and battery status monitoring. All of these features were previously unavailable in existing pneumatic HVAC control systems.

The innovative design of the WT-4000 Series Room Thermostats completely reshapes the pneumatic HVAC control industry. The room thermostat itself does not utilize any mechanical parts. A solid state temperature sensor replaces the bi-metallic strip elements for precise room temperature monitoring. In addition, an advanced piezoelectric air valve replaces the mechanical relay for improved branch line pressure control. All of these technologies provide longer, more dependable, and maintenance-free operation.

Models are available for stand-alone applications or wireless mesh communications. In a wireless mesh network application, the WT-4000 Series Room Thermostat communicates with the controller by means of a Johnson Controls® WT-ROUTER Router and Johnson Controls WT-BAC-IP Gateway.


  • Pneumatic-to-DDC piezoelectric air valve — Eliminates the need for mechanical calibration; provides longer, more dependable, and maintenance-free operation.
  • Wireless RF communications (WT-4000-Mxx models) — Provides real-time status for proper room thermostat operation; centrally automates the building temperature control system; reduces installation time and costs.
  • Optional WT-ROUTER Router (WT-4000-Mxx models) — enhances the wireless mesh network by extending the range of the network; provides multiple routes of communication with the WT-BAC-IP Gateway
  • Easily applicable data types (WT-4000-xxM models) — Allows transmission of the sensed temperature, setpoint temperature, occupancy status, and low battery conditions to the associated WT-ROUTER Router and WT-BAC-IP Gateway.
  • Programmable temperature control schedule — Maximizes energy savings without sacrificing occupancy comfort.
  • Two-pipe, direct acting/reverse acting (DA/RA) dual control action — allows replacement of a wide variety of existing pneumatic room thermostats.
  • Motion sensor input (WT-4000-xxM models) — Maximizes up to 30% energy savings in high-energy usage environments; facilitates trending of floor space usage.
  • Liquid crystal display — Provides an intuitive user experience, with real-time indication of control system and room conditions.

Johnson Controls WT-4000 Series Thermostats Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls WT-4000 Series Thermostats Data Sheet

Johnson Controls WT-4000 Series Thermostats Installation Instructions


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