This was a new construction project of a 36,400 sqft facility that houses anti-terrorism force protection measures. The Dial Central Facility is a mission critical facility that will serve as the main center for the installation’s telephone and data systems. The scope of this project includes construction of the facility including the following components:

  1. Command and supervisor offices with administrative/reception area
  2. Meeting rooms
  3. Open area office space for cubicles
  4. Telephone switch room
  5. Data server room with associated battery and rectifier rooms
  6. Secure internet room
  7. Walk-up computer service area
  8. Loading dock
  9. Mechanical rooms
  10. Cable vault
  11. Generator within a 900 gross square foot separate building

Equipment Controlled 

3 Air Handling Units, 27 VAVs, 10 Computer Room Air Conditioning Units, 5 Unit Heaters, Chilled Water System, Hot Water System; along with controls over numerous other small pieces of equipment and utility monitoring