We provide the ability to control HVAC, lighting, central plant and even critical building environments. Every building is different and we deliver unique solutions.


Incorporating an energy management system not only allows you to save money and resources, it enables the building to perform at its highest potential.


We are able to integrate newer, more advanced control solutions into your existing system. Specializing in Open Protocol systems including BACnet and LON.

Maintenance /

We strive to provide superior service to all of our customers. Let us help you get your system running at its proper and optimal condition.


Controlco has been fortunate enough to be involved with numerous LEED accredited projects over the years, let us help you on your path to Going Green!

Building Automation

Provide workplace comfort and energy efficiency.
We provide the ability to control HVAC, lighting, central plant and even critical building environments. Every building is different so we are able to deliver unique solutions.
  • Environment Control
  • Tenant Comfort
  • Lighting Control
  • Engineering Services
  • Critical Systems
  • Utility Metering
  • Energy Savings

Energy Management

HVAC Optimization

The HVAC system is the biggest consumer of energy and resources in buildings today. According to the Department of Energy, nearly 1/3 of all energy used in a building is by its HVAC system. We are able to assist customers with solutions to provide more energy efficient ways in the operation of their new or existing system.

Automated Demand Response

System Integration

Multivendor Integration
Controlco is certified in some of the biggest names in the temperature control industry. We are capable of integrating new components into your existing system, improving performance.

Web Based Solutions
In today’s world the demand for instant accessibility and information is becoming the standard, why should your control system be any different. Being able to access your building’s system from nearly anywhere, clients can view real time conditions and have complete control with a simple internet connection.  


We can service existing systems to find and eliminate issues that could be affecting building control.
Whether it is communication issues, inaccurate temperature readings, or total system instability, one of our professionals can help map out solutions to any problems regarding your controls system.

Preventive Maintenance
Having a proper preventative maintenance schedule is vital to the well being of any system. By insuring proper system sequencing and component operation you will drastically expand the life of the system.

Going Green

The term LEED is still sometimes loosely understood, even among some industry professionals. People associate LEED with just points and numbers, while not truly understanding the benefits that go along with it. If your building is LEED certified it is making a statement that you care about the environment and sustainability, which in itself, is invaluable. The decision to go LEED is promoting things such as; conserving energy, reducing water consumption, implementing better construction practices, improving indoor air quality, and saving money!

LEED is for a Lifetime!