The AIT Barracks/Company Operations Facility (BCOF) and Common Cooling Tower Building (CCTB) chiller plant is a new LEED Silver project that is underway at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. In addition to the LEED Silver requirement the project will also implement Passive House concepts.

This is a Design Build project including the construction of a five-story, 204,000 sq.ft. BCOF, along with a 800 sq.ft. CCTB with support facility. The 42 acre site also includes a Battalion Headquarters Facility (Controlco is also doing this project), 1/4-mile running track and physical training pits.

The BCOF includes sleeping rooms with restrooms, elevators, attic mechanical equipment room, command offices, computer learning rooms, common restrooms, a day room, multi-purpose rooms with storage, company supply storage rooms, caged storage, covered training/assembly areas, boot wash stations, scrub room, vault, profile recovery room, laundry facilities, and utility rooms (electrical, mechanical, and communications).

The CCTB will service three buildings within the AIT complex and include a small building housing mechanical and electrical equipment required for the CCTB.

Equipment Controlled

388 Water Source Heat Pumps, 10 Dedicated Outdoor Air Units, Building Condenser Water Loop System, Primary Condenser Water Loop System with 2 Cooling Towers, 10 VAVs, extensive electrical monitoring; along with controls over numerous other small pieces of equipment and utility monitoring